LCR Management

If you are ready to add routing options to your routing portfolio, but do not want to incur the time and legal commitements to establish new carrier interconnections and if you want to save on the routing and rate updates that are associated with each carrier connetion, then ASG Telecom’s experience in quality and price optimization can be the best solution for your needs.

Problems with decentralization range from the technical -- i.e. configuration errors in gateways and switches, congestion and ineffective utilization of capacity, which lead to decreased network statistics -- to the financial, i.e. bad debt and lost revenues from technical issues. The centralization of an international traffic gateway and routing platform would aid in the mitigation of such network management issues by providing a platform that clearly lays out a complete network snapshot at a specific moment. ASG’s experience allows us to make optimal routing decisions that take into consideration quality statistics such as average call duration, answer-seizure ratios (ASR) and capacity alongside termination costs to maximize revenues and profits.

For a small per minute management fee, ASG assumes full responsibility of billing reconciliation, route programming and switch management, legal and regulatory issues, as well as quality assurance control.
Our efforts and interest are all in maximizing the amount of terminated minutes by providing high-quality routes, while maximizing your purchasing power in the market through the consolidation of all international traffic through ASG’s pipeline. As commodities exchanges go, full disclosure of your termination costs would be readily available through live data access in our web-based LCR management platform – the same platform used for statistics reporting available on a 24/7 basis. At any time, you will be able to see the exact carrier your international traffic is being terminated through, the per minute termination cost, and immediate gross profit.

Nearly every business incurs unjustified financial costs by inadvertently paying too much in overhead. With ASG Telecom, you’ll find a unique solution to save money and optimize your network’s quality. Making a dent in your bottom line couldn’t be easier and there is no change in the way you operate your network, no additional capital expenditures and no minimum commitments.