Satellite Services

ASG has proven its capacity to supply fully managed, end-to-end satellite solutions in countries where satellite technology is the best communication option, supporting applications such as Voice, E-mail, Citrix, Video, Internet access and corporate software solutions such as SAP and Oracle.

Telecommunications carriers, corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations worldwide have taken advantage of ASG Telecom’s satellite services to augment and extend their communication networks for the delivery of voice and data transmissions. Our engineers have designed a network fully capable of handling their most demanding needs with utmost reliability and security. Forget limitations. When a need for capacity arrive, ASG can make the transition seamless and without delays, thus preventing any disruption of your services. Your satellite capacity can be complemented using our teleport services, which allow the direct uplink of your time-sensitive traffic in a cost-effective manner. Merging satellite segment space and teleport services under ASG guarantees the complete end-to-end transport of their critical data and voice traffic. ASG Telecom is able to provide the complete integration of satellite teleport services bundled with satellite capacity. Core features include:

• Integrated, cost-effective solution adaptable to growth and expandability

• Flexible contract terms with a variety of connectivity options

• Data bit-rates ranging from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps

• Powerful, secure and reliable satellite capacity for the high-speed transmission of telephony signals

• Redundant network components including uninterruptible power supply coupled with proactive monitoring of links