Our Team

Alexander Yamandou

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Yamandou is an experienced voice, satellite, and mobile telecommunications executive with a keen eye for growing markets. Originally from France, he founded ASG Telecom in 1996, starting from a mobile phone outlet to a major international voice service provider for entities in diverse geographical regions. He has paved the way for the expansion of the ASG network into countries such as Angola, Benin, Chad, Congo, DR Congo, Haiti, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Togo. Mr. Alexander firmly believes in the development of telecommunications systems in developing markets and has guided ASG to develop an extensive communications network for private enterprises and NGOs throughout Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.Mr. Alexander’s management, planning and restructuring capabilities were the impetus behind ASG’s shift of operations from a small, cellular phone outlet into its current status as a major, international voice service provider for carrier firms in diverse regions.

Adriana Henriquez

Business Development Manager

Graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, Adrianna Henriquez has developed a wide experience in the telecommunication sector as a commercial, financial and technical liaison, between engineers, service providers and clients. Adriana handles projects from their proposal stage to acceptance, negotiation, and implementation. She ensures services are delivered to customers with the highest quality standards and works arduously as the central point of contact to proactively assess needs and provide necessary support.

Jacques Bontemps

Network and Installation Engineer

Since 1987, Jacques Bontemps has managed, deployed and physically tended to satellite links and their corresponding interconnection on sites all over Africa. Additionally, he has directed and engineered telecommunications networks via wireless local loops and VSAT technology system. This extensive experience makes Jacques an integral part of ASG’s technical team as an on-site engineer, travelling to remote sites for deployment of satellite links and turnups of some of our direct destinations. In addition to an extensive knowledge of GSM networks, Jacques is well versed in computer science engineering and on-site troubleshooting.

Jean-Baptiste Nathan

Network Engineer

Jean’s MS in Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering and his professional experience make enable him to implement customized VoIP solutions for our clients. He holds an expertise in configuration, operation, and maintenance of voice gateways and gatekeepers from various manufacturers such as Cisco, Quintum and Asterisk.

Professional Training and Certifications:Certified Cisco Network Associate, Certified Cisco Network Professional, PortaOne H.323/SIP Platform Certified, iDirect VSAT Installation Certified