Wholesale Voice

ASG Telecom provides a high quality level of termination of voice and data traffic to its customer base around the world. You benefit from our experience in international telecoms, our extensive worldwide network, and our wide range of direct routes and carrier relations. Our infrastructure is engineered to deliver complete cutting-edge customizable solutions (local and long distance calling, enhanced voice features, high speed data transmission and internet services) on one easy-to-understand consolidated invoice, for a price well below competition.

VoIP and technologies

ASG Telecommunications does not only provide its customers with services, but can also provide full turnkey equipment solutions that are deployed in enterprise and service provider networks around the world. Our company also gives the best advices about the kind of equipment that will meet customer’s needs. It is a reseller of Voice gateway and networking solutions based through assessment of existing network infrastructure and plan of growth. This equipment uses powerful, modern and reliable technologies and hardware.

ASG resells Voice Gateway and Networking solutions from providers such as:

• Quintum / Net
• Veraz / Dialogic
• Cisco
• Sun Microsystems . . .

These unique technologies make ASG Telecommunications’ solutions the most reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free solution for your network implementation.